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I am glad to announce that I have just added a simple shop and commerce solution to our site. You should see Shop, My Account, and Cart on top right of my site now. at the moment the shop is empty as I will have to add services as products in my shop.

Please check back often. I will be building a simple store for my customers in UAE or those abroad and coming to UAE for visit. Customers and clients can easily order virtual products to hire us for all kinds of Simple to professional Aerial Filming and Filming services.

We will be offering the following in Full HD and 4K Resolutions:

  • Vehicle Filming and Aerial Filming: including 360 degree panoramas (Both stationary vehicle and moving Vehicle), Vehicle chase scenes using state of the art fast drones. No matter if its an off road or On Road Vehicle we shoot equally good ground and aerial footage for you to use. If you are an Individuals with Exotic Vehicle, or a Vehicle showroom, we can provide you stunning Aerial and ground footage to share your Vehicle videos both for promotional and sales purposes and for productions. If you just want to share your vehicle footage with friends and people online, welcome to call us.
  • Desert Adventures: We will film all your desert adventure with ground and aerial cams (Drones). You can either hire us to drive you to beautiful Desert locations Dubai Region or hire us to drive with you. Don’t just enjoy your desert adventure alone. Bring along your loved ones with you, using our beautiful aerial footage and ground footage of your desert adventure activities. We can provide you raw footage or we can edit your adventures professionally with selective music tracks for you to share your adventures online. Or hire us to share your adventures on our Youtube Channels that are widely followed around the world by a huge audience.
  • Real Estate Filming: We will provide you with professional and beautiful ground and Aerial views of the Villas, Houses, apartment buildings, hotels and establishments. Real estate agents, owners and tenants can contact us and hire us. Aerial Footage of Villas, houses and establishments can bring Real Estate agents special benefits and they can show the footage to their clients who are unable to watch the premises and area physically due to time limitation and constraints. Great way to show your clients the house, villa or hotel from above and the area and vicinity from air.
  • Construction Site Progress Filming and Time Laps: Aerial filming of Construction project daily can give construction companies a valuable insight into daily progress of the project. We offer professional aerial filming on daily basis for construction projects and its progress including a monthly Time Laps.
  • Individuals and Models (we can turn you into a superb model with our footage): Individuals, and Models can contact us for breath taking beautiful shots, 360 degree stationary and moving Panoramas and 360 degree walking chases outdoors with our state of the Art Drones. We also offer high resolution still shots and ground footage. Want to be a model and or just simply want to get a stunning film of your own, or you just want to produce a short film, contact us and we can get you breath taking amazing shots for your productions. Impress your friends and family with superb aerial and ground footage in Full HD and 4k. Videos will be professionally edited to bring that model inside you, that you have been hiding for long. Get your talent out today.
  • and Much more. Contact us for more details.


Note: For Aerial filming with drones, as per UAE laws, we will need to acquire proper permission to fly drones in certain areas. This permission acquisition takes time (A week or more). We also need to pay certain amount of fee for each permission to fly drones for aerial filming in certain areas. it differs in nature and areas. All our clients are required to obtain the permission and pay for all the charges. Once the permission is granted. we can schedule time to start aerial filming asap.

If you have any questions. feel free to contact us

Phone: +971 55 607 0074

email: click here to email us



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